Rita Ballantyne RB Skin Care Line

This a multi-faceted professional-only complete range of medically effective, high performance progressive formulas made exclusively for Rita Ballantyne Advanced Skin Care.

The RB skin care line utilizes a wide range of clinically tested formulas to achieve the most effective results for your skin. RB products are used in a program of essential processes resulting in clearer, younger, smoother and healthier skin.

Cleansing, Resurfacing, Rejuvenation, Hydration and Protection.

The line incorporates results-oriented pharmaceutical quality ingredients combined with powerful botanicals natural colors and pure essential oil fragrances. The range is free of common irritants and ingredients that cause breakouts and is not tested on animals.

Your skin health and many common skin conditions such as aging and sun-damaged skin, fine lines, acne and rosacea, will greatly improve by the use of these highly specialized professional formulas.

Let Rita, a professionally qualified Clinical Esthetician, design a personalized Skin Care Program to focus your skin's particular needs.

RB Professional Skin Care

Jan Marini

This medical based line from Jan Marini features many extraordinary products. The revolutionary home care program will dramatically change the way your skin looks. Any skin can be measurably improved. Common conditions such as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and skin discoloration, just to name a few, can be greatly resolved or removed by the use of our specialized formulations and services. With Jan Marini Skin Care products, skin can be stimulated to appear clearer, younger, smoother and healthier!

Rita will recommend the appropriate products that will enable you to experience a new level of medically supervised skin care. Improvements will be visible in just days and as your involvement continues, cumulative benefits will be outstanding. It's simple. It's unbelievably effective!!

Get the most out of your regimen by seeking advice from Rita, a professionally qualified clinical esthetician who can design a targeted program for your skin's specific needs!

Jan Marini

Coloris® Advanced Makeup

A clinical make-up utilizing botanical-based formulas and the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, triple-milled high-pigment minerals, an advanced antioxidant complex of vitamins A, C, and E and green tea extract. This formula delivers advanced mineral makeup with a dermatological focus that covers, corrects and protects.

What Makes Coloris the Best Mineral Makeup Choice for You?

Coloris delivers fast, weightless coverage with SPF 26. It is anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic and oil-free with minimum allergy risk.

Coloris products are not tested on animals.

Custom Foundation blending is also available. By custom blending, we can create a unique formula and perfect shade to compliment any skin tone for each and every one of you. Not only will you receive a perfectly matching foundation we can enhance your unique formula to meet specific skincare needs using additives that work to control shine, firm or plump the skin.


Vivant Pharmaceuticals

This dermatologist formulated skin care program was created by Dr James E Fulton PhD. Dr Fulton is a renowned cosmetic surgeon, discoverer of Retin A® and developer of Benzoyl Peroxide. Vivant is not a new product but until now has only been available to dermatologists and skin care professionals.

Vivant Skin Conditioning Systems are based on intensive professional treatments using Vitamin A Propionate formulated and patented by Dr Fulton. Vitamin A Propionate delivers unusually high skin regenerative activity without the associated side effects of other derivatives of vitamin A. When applied to the skin, the preparation reverses the effects of sun damage as well as acting as an extremely effective acne treatment.

According to your individual skin care history and targeted requirements Rita will recommend the correct dermatologist formulated regime. You will feel improvement in skin smoothness within a week. There will be substantially noticeable visible skin changes within 3 to 6 weeks. As you continue with the Vivant systems you will notice exceptional cumulative results. Vivant Skin Conditioning Systems are straightforward and amazingly successful!!

Vivant Pharmaceuticals Vivant Pharmaceuticals

Spa Pantry

By combining active ingredients, pure natural botanicals, essential oils, herbs and exfoliants from our Spa Pantry we create handmade products that target your skin's individual needs and create customized signature nourishing and balancing treatments just for you. The natural ingredients from our pantry allow us to avoid comedogenic and allergy-causing substances with the promise that only the purest, most potent ingredients are ever included, thus ensuring that your skin receives the very best that both science and nature have to offer.

Spa Pantry